After Months Of Building And Working And Cuts And Scraps And Bruses
And Torched It's Finished God I'm Tired As Fuck And That's no Lie I Would Of
Had This Kit Hooked Up Sooner But The Bike Shop Guy Here In Greensburg Tried
To Charge Me At Least 300 Dollars In Order To Change Peddle Sprockets
I Told Him Are You Gonna Do It For 100 Or 50 Dollars He Said No I'm not Touching
That! I was Thinking Wow Is This Guy A Retard Or What So I Left And Went To
Dick Sporting Goods Store And To My Knowledge Wham Bam Thank
You Uncle Sam They Had The Most Baddest Bike Tool Repair Kit Everything
To Take A Bike Apart And Then Some So I Change Peddle Sprockets From
A Mongoose And A Old Schwinn And I Was Like God Damn It Works Now
I'm ready To Ride Like The Lone Biker Of The Apocalypse
Well I'm So Happy But Now I'm tired Of Working On Bikes For A While!!!!
Look Below At My Finished Bike Engine Project!!!

If You Want To Call Me To Give Me Some Ideas For My Show Or If You Like To Star
On My Web Show Call Me At This Number 1-724-552-7450 And Yes This Is My Service
Number A.K.A ScaryMovieGangsta Headquarters Inc. 2010

I created A Musical Tribute To Richalvarez And His Awesome THe Stupid Mario Brothers Movie
So I decided To Create A Proper Song For The Main Evil Dark Character Super Shadow Dark Mario
And Newgrounds Banned Me Because I upload A Song I Created How Gay Is That!
Click This Link dated=1 To View The Audio
I don't Know Why Newgrounds Banned It So Fucking Gay If You Ask Me!!!!

ScaryMovieGuy's Updated 66cc Skyhawk Engine Kit Moped Bike
Jealous Much Nigguhers You Should Be Go Back To Driven Your Gayass fucking Cars And Trucks

Here A List Of My Homies Contact Them If You Want And Talk To Them m/

You Wanna Be's Can Try To Copy Me
But You Will Never Be As Gangsta As Me!
Look At My Completed Bike Engine Kit
In All It's Glory Much Cheaper Than A Car
Or Any Vehicle On The Road

Who Needs To Drive A Car These Days Look What I Built In My Free Time!!!!